Dodaj fulfilment do jednej z poniższych list lub utwórz nową

Zastanawiasz się czym jest fulfilment i czy w ogóle jest Ci potrzebny? To the citizens, it offers the promise of the fulfilment of this vision. This approach is creating serious problems in respect of the fulfilment of roles for which the institutions are responsible. Pojęcie fulfilment pojawiło się na rynku e-commerce już kilka lat temu, a firmy które zaoferowały obsługę małych i średnich e-sklepów. Dodaj fulfilment do jednej z poniższych list lub utwórz nową. Polish legislation does not give MEPs any legal instruments which ensure the effective fulfilment of their mandate. Neither the granting of visa-free travel nor accession can have any requirements other than the fulfilment of the criteria. To fulfilment in Thy glory. Fulfilment polega na oddelegowaniu działań logistycznych sklepu internetowego do zewnętrznego operatora logistycznego. We are looking towards the EU for the fulfilment of their humble wish to return to their homes and live there in peace and security. You get as much fulfilment out of killing. In order to facilitate the fulfilment of each task as regards programmes, we have formed an interinstitutional committee for Galileo. I look forward to this process reaching its fulfilment in the coming days. That they die is the just fulfilment of Caesar’s. However, I have my doubts as to whether we are monitoring their fulfilment sufficiently. This gives us cautious hope of an improvement of the climate in mutual relations, and the fulfilment of the Commissioner’s proposal. Allow me to touch briefly on three aspects that are fundamental to the fulfilment of this Agency’s mandate. Guaranteeing adequate and regular food for every human being is not only a moral requirement, it is also the fulfilment of a fundamental human right. Turkey’s possible membership of the EU depends on its fulfilment of all the Copenhagen criteria. It is not just a Bulgarian issue, because it puts the fulfilment of the strategic programme and European priorities at stake. Now, one of the rules of democracy is the fulfilment of undertakings. The EU’s commercial policy has an important and decisive role in ensuring that agriculture continues to deliver a positive contribution to the fulfilment of our objectives. The decision to waive the compulsory visa requirement for Taiwanese nationals also takes into account their fulfilment of the technical conditions on travel document security. Otóż fulfilment dla sklepów internetowych to oddelegowanie części działań logistycznych w branży e-commerce do zewnętrznego operatora. Assistance must also be provided with the effective implementation of the international conventions required by this scheme and with the fulfilment of their commitments. Fulfilment to bardzo fajna sprawa. This degree of social exclusion impedes the basic fulfilment of the Roma’s human dignity and equal opportunity. I support the rapporteur’s idea that the fulfilment of key priorities can work as a catalyst for boosting investment, growth and job creation throughout the Union.